Bench Harness Pinouts

Harness connections in this list marked with a * do not work with my basic bench harness kits and would require a custom pinout or 16 pin version!  Anything marked with a ** partially works in certain situations, see note in each section for details.

For plans and parts lists to build your own version of my bench harness, click here.

Disclaimer:  Use these pinouts at your own risk.  If you're depinning your own connectors pay attention to wire colors and make sure it makes sense.  Pink is often 12v ignition, Red or orange is 12v constant, serial data lines are usually green or purple, CAN on GM stuff is usually tan colors with stripes and the two wires will be twisted together.  Grounds I often use low reference circuits for sensors for simplicity, they are often dark brown, tan, black, etc.  I am not responsible for any damage caused by mistakes transferring the data to this page or mistakes made using this data.   Always confirm for yourself.  

General notes: 


P01 and P59 (Gen 3 V8 and 4.3 V6.  Also works with LS1a 97-98 V8, P04 V6, P08 I4, P06 Northstar, and E54 Duramax)

Note: often people use pin 58, but I've found that pin 59 also works on the bench and covers additional controllers like the P06 Northstar.   This has worked with basically every GM PCM with this same blue connector so far, but check to your own satisfaction on anything not listed above.

E38 (Gen 4 V8 and V6):

Uses black connector only.  Same or compatible connector can be found on E37, E39, E92, E67, E78, and other ECMs, but this harness only works on E38s.  

E67 (Gen 4 V8, I4, I5, etc)

Uses 2 connectors (blue and gray).  Blue connector can be sourced from an E78.  Gray connector can also be found on E37, E39, E92, and others.

E40  (Gen 3 V8.  Also works with E60 Duramax, E22, P05, P07, P11, P12 , etc)

Blue plug only.  Nearly every ECU using this plug will work with this harness except some oddball ones like the E16a (04-05ish I4).  You can find the plug on all of those ECMs, but some may not have CAN wires so you'll have to reuse some other wires for them.

E92 and E39  (Gen 5 v8, v6)

Blue plug only off of either an E92 or E39.  You can also source this plug from some others like E86 Duramax, E80, E81, E82, E84, and many other newer controllers).  There are at least two different styles of this plug on different harnesses, but both are blue and both are interchangeable.   Also works with E39A and E92A variants.

Vortec Black Box (96-00 Gen 1 Vortec V8 and 4.3L V6)

Black plug off of any Vortec Black Box PCM.    

E37 (07-11 I4 and V6)

Uses only the black plug.  Same plug from E38 and many others, unique pinout for only E37s.

E78 (11+ HD V8 and I4)

Need only the small blue plug.  It can be sourced from an E67 as well.  

E55 (2004+)

These are used in the high feature v6 cars like the CTS, Buick Lacrosse, etc, with the 3.6 and I believe the 2.8L.   This pinout does not work on the E56, which looks identical and is found in these same vehicles with the 3.2L and some earlier vehicles.

LT1 (1994-1997 Gen 2 V8) **

This one is slightly tricky due to spanning both OBD1 (1994-95) and OBD2 (1996-1997).  It is further complicated by 1995 F-body at least having a OBD2 port but still being OBD1.  For the purposes of my bench harness, I pin all of the pins in the picture below.  The second serial data line going to blue pin 30 I pin to an unused OBD2 port pin (typically port 1 on my standard harness) and then I make a male OBD2 to Female OBD1 Harness to use my OBD1 tools on them to flash with EEhack, WinFlash, etc.  This way it's the same harness with a simple adapter to get it to work.  In my adapter harness only 2 pins are pinned from the OBD2 port, the pin 30 serial data, and a ground.   **OBD1 version with my bench harness requires an additional OBD1 to OBD2 adapter

P10 (02-05 4.2L I6)


E69 and E77 Bosch ECMs

Small plug only.  Same as many other Bosch ECM plugs.

E35 LBZ/LMM Duramax 

E86 (11-16 Duramax)

Blue plug only, can be sourced easily from a E39 or E92 vehicle or other newer with the same blue plug.  This is probably the highest current drawing ECM I've come across to date (At least on initial power-on).  

E41 and E98 Duramax

E90 (19+ Truck) and E99 (ZR1)

T42 TCM (4 speed automatic)

There seem to be a couple unlabeled low references on the T42 you can use, pin 30 or pin  45 should be usable in place of the ground if you don't want to use the big wire (of course use at your own risk).  Also probably don't need pin 11 for the accessory serial data wakeup on this one for any useful reason.   

T43 Rear Wheel Drive TCM (6 speed automatic)

This one is inside the transmission, but you can use the bench harness in vehicle, with the transmission out of the vehicle, or with the bare module on the workbench.  NOTE: This module needs a decent power supply, it'll pull 1-2 amps when powered up on its own.  Since you're usually flashing TCMs with ECMs hooked up as well, you need to account for the other 0.3-0.6 amps for your flashing tool and ECM.    When flashing the TCM the power draw does drop to the same level as other modules.  Pay attention to the orientation of the plug when using a bench harness.  Without all of the factory collars and housings you can plug the TCM plug in multiple orientations.  I have not damaged one to my knowledge plugging it in wrong, but if you use this pinout and pay attention to the little white square on the plug it'll be easy to plug in correctly.  

T43 Front Wheel Drive TCM (6 speed automatic)

This TCM is inside the transmission but can be programmed in vehicle or with the TCM on the workbench.  

T76 Front Wheel Drive TCM (6 speed automatics)

Similar to the T43, also inside transmission.  Can flash in vehicle or on the workbench.

T87  T87A T93 TCM (8 and 10 speed automatic)

99-02 Truck BCM

03-07 Truck BCM

06-14 BCM (trucks, cars, many applications throughout this range)

2014+ Truck BCM (and other similar style BCMs)

Gray connector is not required for cloning tools, it is only needed if you are trying to bridge low and high speed networks and possibly during stock programming.  Typically the BCM will wake up with only the 4 pins on X1 white connector.  If your tool fails to connect you may need to try a second time.  If you want ignition power to force the BCM on, use X3 (green) connector pin 5/6.

Truck FSCM (~07-14 various vehicles)

Car FSCM (~07-15 various vehicles)

Chrysler Products:

SBEC3 (Black Connectors) *

These should be in 98 and older vehicles.  Connectors do not interchange between these and the white connector ECMs.

SBEC3A (Gray Connectors) *

As far as I know (maybe a Dodge expert can email me to let me know) this pinout/connector will work on the 99+ SBEC3 variants and the other works on 98 and older.  I may be wrong on that since I'm just getting into the Dodge stuff, so check to your own satisfaction. 

JTEC (Most Gas Engine PCMs) *

There are at least three variants of the JTEC pinout, I believe the only thing that changes with them is which OBD2 pins the data lines go to.  This pinout has worked on every one I've tried though, which is 20-30 of them.   In the diesel trucks the OBD2 pins move to accomodate the Cummins ECM and the other variant may be for the Viper?  What I did was make one harness with JTEC connectors, and then an intermediate harness that moves the pins around if I ever come across one of these early ones and need to make a quick jumper harness.  

60 pin TCM *

NGC Controllers **

This one uses a lot of pins but covers a lot of different years/models using the NGC1 through the NGC4.  If you're dealing with only really new stuff you can eliminate all data pins except the CAN high and low.    Having them there when they're unused is not a problem though.   It's recently come to my attention that you also need pin 12 to be switched 12v ignition power if you want to be able to write to some 2004 and earlier modules.  Adding this pin does not hurt any newer ones to my knowledge. ** CAN only works with my basic bench harness, SCI/PCI does not.


I used 1 and 3 as 12v ignition on this because it was easy due to them being hooked together in the harness just a few inches from the ECU, but pin 1 is not necessary.  

GPEC3 (GPEC2 - 29 bit in HP Tuners)

Same pinout as GPEC2/GPEC2A, but with the green connector on this one. 


Cummins CM551 - (98-02) *

Ford Products:


Most common EEC-V pinout, with just a few later ones going to a CAN setup.  

Spanish Oak - 05-10 Mustang and other cars, SUVs

Black Oak 1472k

This pinout and plug also worked with a Silver Oak 1024k PCM I had laying around. 

Green Oak 512k - 03-07 PSD **

SCP wiring is optional on this one depending on what you're doing.  It should work with the 03-04 navigator/expedition gas modules with the SCP wiring, but may be best to omit the SCP on 05+ Powerstroke and omit the CAN for the 03-04 expedition modules.   **CAN only modules work with basic bench harness, SCP does not.

Green Oak 2368k

Copperhead / ESYS - Gen 1 Coyote / V6

12v Ignition can go on pin 67 instead of 68 and ground can go on pin 70 instead of 69.  The Mustang PCMs show pin 63 on this connector going to pin 13 on the OBD2 port for FEPS signal, but I have heard this is not necessarily needed to program these so it can be omitted and use this connector for both car and trucks.  I will verify when I get a Mustang ECM through my workbench.  You can most likely also just add the FEPS wire and use it on both, but do that at your own risk, I have not tested it. 

Tricore (Continental) - Gen 2 Coyote, etc

Tricore (Bosch) - Ecoboost Gen 1

This works on the Gen 1 Ecoboost truck and some other cars.  Gen 2 ecoboost truck has a different pinout which I will add shortly.  12v constant can also use pin 102 or pin 103.  Ground can also use pin 96, 97, or 98.