Custom App Development

A couple notes about the software I sell:

Most of the apps were developed to make my life as a module programmer easier.  I hate doing manual work when it can be automated so the main goal with each is to accomplish specific tasks as efficiently as possible.  This often means not a lot of bells and whistles and excessive buttons and options.   The goal is to bring these advanced capabilities and time-saving processes to people as cheap as possible, while still supporting myself and covering my time and expenses developing them and my time providing support.  Any of the apps you purchase comes with free lifetime updates and support as long as I'm in this business.   

I also like feedback and ideas for improvement.  Many of the features added to these apps after release were requested by customers.  If it is a reasonably attainable addition I will add it free of charge and the new version will be available to all existing licenses without additional cost.   I also can create custom utilities per your specifications.  Any suggestions, shoot an email to  

GM VIN Change App (ELM327/J2534 compatible, Windows only)

Allows you to quickly and easily change the VIN number on most GM OBD2 engine and transmission modules.    

DOWNLOAD HERE (Reading VINs is free, purchase a license to write)

DOWNLOAD HERE (Beta version with some J2534 Support)

Recommended tools to use that are tested 100%:

Budget Bluetooth: BAFX Bluetooth :

USB:  OBDlink SX :

Bluetooth : OBDlink LX:

Bluetooth/USB: OBDX Pro Devices, J2534 and ELM)

Price: $60  

GM Brute Force Key Finder (ELM327/J2534 compatible)

Tunerlocked or corrupt ECM have you locked out?  Check out my GM Tunerlock Info page.  This app will brute force try all possible 65535 keys on any 2-byte seed/key pair GM ECM.  Basically most anything up to 2016.   This will give you the key, but it does not restore a non-locked key.  There is information on that on my page on tunerlocks, and anyone purchasing this software can get remote or mail order assistance as needed to restore the correct key to remove the tunerlock for a small fee per module.   It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a bench harness, as this process can take up to 7 days depending on the module.  


See above for recommended tools.  See my Bench Harnesses pages for information on making your own bench harness or purchasing one ready to use!  Unpaid demo mode allows you to connect and try 10 keys at a time to confirm if it'll work for you!

Price: $50 

GM MCVM Utility (J2534 only)

This utility will read and write the MCVM solenoid characterization data from GM 8+ speed transmission modules.  This currently works on T87,  T87A and T93 modules.  It accepts and writes files in the standard GM supplied format.    NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN UNLOCK OR FLASH TOOL.  IT WILL NOT READ/WRITE THE FLASH CONTENTS OF THE TCU.


My stock tune file repository (click here) has a sampling of these files for different vehicles.  It is recommended to use the exact MCVM data for your transmission/valve body, but in many cases being "close" has worked well for me, especially if you're modifying the tune.   Please email me if you need a specific calibration.

Price: $50

Ford EEC-V Bank Order Swap Utility

If you do any work with EEC-V Ford PCMs and utilize different flash tools and editors, you may have had to break out the hex editor to reorganize and re-size the file.  This utility takes all the work out of that and does it for you!  I made this one for my own use (as most of my apps start out), but it's been handy for a few friends so I've put it up for sale.  I believe most common file conversions are covered, but if something else is needed for EEC-V files I can add it at no additional charge to improve the product.  


Price: $40

GM E86 LML ECM Utility

This utility takes the three files read out by a bench tool like KESS v3, KTAG, or MMS Flex and combines it into a single binary that can be imported into a tuning suite such as EFI Live.  These ECMs are unreadable by OBD so this is a way to easily get the actual tune off your E86 ECM into a tuning software to make further edits! (assuming you have the bench tool).


Price: $40

ELM Scripter App (Free!)

This utility is what I use to mess around with testing ELM327 stuff, free to play around with if you want.   Use at your own risk, there is no support for it and it may have some bugs that I typically just work around when I'm testing stuff.  

Just select your COM port, options, and initialize the ELM.  Then you can put commands in the left box one per line and it will execute them all in order and show the output/responses in the right box.  You can also use it to monitor the bus with a real-time filter, though many ELM327 devices will get overwhelmed with the amount of data on newer vehicles.  

Feel free to shoot me an email with any feedback or suggestions or just any cool things you managed to do with it!