Custom Bench Programming Harnesses

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We offer a large variety of modular bench programming harnesses for both OBD2 programming and bench programming with a KESS v3, KTAG, or MMS Flex (other custom harnesses available upon request).  

Typically we work with GM, Ford, and Dodge OBD2 vehicles, but we've done a few imports and OBD1 flash programmable vehicles!  Common setups are available for immediate purchase on this page, please allow 3-5 days for shipping, as most are hand built when ordered and some require sourcing of plugs, test modules, etc.  Most module connections are recycled units, inspected, fully de-pinned, cleaned and reassembled.  This keeps the price reasonable and gives new life to parts that are often overlooked and scrapped in salvage yards.

Modular OBD2 Bench Harnesses

The most popular setup for tuner shops, this harness supports five data pins in addition to 12v constant, ignition, and ground wires.  Typically the five data pins utilized are OBD2 port pins 1, 2, 6, 13, and 14.  This allows for All GM products, and any CAN Ford and Dodge products.  Custom pinouts are available, including a full 16 pin version with internal CAN termination as needed.

8-pin Modular Head  Unit - $150

Includes quality 12v 5 amp power supply and 120ohm CAN termination plug.  (No ECU Connections included, must add below or build/provide your own attachments).  

16-pin Modular Head Unit - $220

Includes 16 to 8 pin adapter harness and EITHER a barrel plug connector with quality 12v 5 amp power supply OR a 2 pin Molex power header connection with a 3ft power cable with banana plug s for a bench power supply.  If you buy the banana plug option, you must provide your own power supply!  Here is one I use with success and recommend:  This unit has internal 120 ohm CAN termination on a switch and will allow you to use my 8 pin harnesses and 16 pin as well. 

8-pin Modular ECU Connections - starting at $70 each

Most common connections are built from used plugs.  They are inspected, disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled to give the most efficient and safe connection possible, often removing locking mechanisms that can cause issues on install and removal when appropriate.  I also don't believe in extra unnecessary stuff, so if a dress cover is not easily available or cheap those will also be omitted where possible to save you money!  Common easy-to-find single plug ECU connections start at $70 each.  Some require special orders, new plugs, or multiple plugs and will be priced accordingly.  Anything not listed here please inquire separately, as some plugs are discontinued and hard to source.   These require the modular head unit to work, they are not standalone bench harnesses as is!

NOTE: IF you buy a GM TCM or a Dodge Module connection you'll possibly need to purchase a Y-splitter/CAN Terminator for bench programming of either the TCU by itself or paired with an ECU.  See that option under accessories below.  

GM 8-pin Engine Module Connections - Gas

GM 8-pin Transmission Module Connections

GM 8-pin Engine Module Connections - Diesel

GM 8-pin Body Control Module Connections

GM 8-pin Instrument Panel Cluster Connections

Chrysler Gas Engine Module Connections

Chrysler Diesel Engine Module Connections

Ford Gas Engine Module Connections

Ford Diesel Engine Module Connections

GM E41/E98 Bench Harness Connection with Fuse holder - $300

This harness works with E41 (L5P) and E98 ECMs.  I have included a fuse holder in-line for compatibility with the popular module unlock kits so they can be used on the bench instead of in vehicle.    Same as above in the GM diesel drop-down.


8-pin Y Splitter - $40

Used when programming a module multiple modules at the same time.

Other Adapters and Harnesses

GODIAG Adapter - $50

Used to adapt my 8 pin module connections to a GODIAG brand bench harness head unit.  Compatible GODIAG units can be found here:



Bench Force 8 pin Adapter - $40

Used to adapt my harnesses using CAN, J1850 VPW, and low speed GMLAN to a Bench Force OBD2 pass through harness.  Does not support any of my harnesses that require FEPS.  I also make an adapter for my full 8 pin and 16 pin harnesses that goes straight to the main unit of the Bench Force setup.  Please send an email to inquire on those at this itme.

KESS v3 ECU Harnesses 

Our KESS v3 bench programming harness system is made to be modular and versatile.  For each ECU, the goal is that the harness has a dual use with my OBD2 harness system, so you buy one harness and  it works on both!  Please read carefully the description of each below to see you will need.  Every one of the ECUs below requires the adapter, which is available directly above this section.   Only one adapter is required and you can add on any number of the harnesses below.




Kess V3 Adapter - $75
Adapts my OBD2 bench harnesses and bench/boot add-on harnesses to the Kess V3.  The ECU specific harnesses do not include this, so please add it separately.  Only one is required and will adapt multiple of the harnesses to the Kess V3.  Includes the main adapter, a second breakout for the BOOT, VPP, CNF, GPT, KLINE, and RESET pins  (that can be used as a breakout with my OBD2 harness boxes as well) and a 1k-ohm resistor plug. (other values available per request)

ECU specific harnesses:  (please add harness adapter to cart as well if you don't have one yet!)  Select OBD2+Bench/Boot if you do not have my OBD2 version of this harness yet.  If you already own my OBD2 version of this harness, just select Boot/Bench add-on to get the second component of the harness.